We offer our clients comprehensive support – solution-oriented, fast and effective, especially when complex issues have to be solved

We work with large international, national and listed companies or groups as well as Austrian individual and medium-sized companies in all sectors and markets.

Auditing / Assurance Services

  • Audits of individual and consolidated financial statements of companies of every legal form in line with Austrian reporting standards
  • Audits in line with international reporting standards (IFRS, US-GAAP)
  • Special audits in line with the Stock Cooperation Law
  • Audits according to the Transformation, Takeover and Demerger Act
  • Internal revisions
  • Bank audits in line with the Austrian Banking Act (BWG) and audits in line with the Austrian Capital Marktet Act (KMG)

Tax consulting

  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Consultation on founding, reconstructing and merging companies, as well as company acquisitions and sales
  • Consultation on drafting corporate and affiliation agreements
  • Legal and tax advice on inheritances and gifts, as well as succession issues
  • Representation for tax audits or inspection by the authorities, as well as for audits by municipalities and social insurances
  • Consultation on international tax law
  • Consultation when founding foundations
  • Arbitration tasks


  • Client accounting and preparation of annual financial statements and profit calculation
  • Consultation on the structure of cost accounting, income statements and financial analyses
  • Preparation of and consultation on group accounting and consolidated financial statements

Payroll Services

  • Payroll accounting
  • Billing of travel expenses, per diem allowances, local and international travel reimbursement calculation
  • Tax support during company audits
  • Specialised team for payroll accounting of flight crews and the aviation personnel

Aviation consulting

  • Consultation and support for aircraft owners/operators, especially with respect to managements contracts
  • Tax advice on acquisition, ownership, financing and operation of aircraft (aeroplanes and helicopters alike)
  • Inspection and verification of performance according to EU Regulation 1008/2008 for airline and commercial aircraft operators
  • Strategy advice and business valuation
  • Representation in aviation matters before tax authorities

Other services

  • Business consulting
  • Expert consulting activities (private and juridical)
  • IT consulting
  • Holding of supervisory board, advisory board and management mandates
  • Undertaking of trusteeship
  • Quality assurance audits for licensed CPA firms
  • Audits in line with the Austrian Auditing Supervisory Act (APAG)